Helmut Schaider Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

Helmut Schaider

Helmut Schaider, MD, FACD is a Principal Research Fellow and board certified academic dermatologist at the Dermatology Research Centre, Diamantina Institute, the University of Queensland. He is internationally recognized as a translational researcher in melanoma and cancer biology. Dr Schaider obtained his medical degree at the Medical University of Graz, Austria and received training in melanoma biology at the The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia in Dr. Herlyn's lab working on growth factors and chemokines. After finishing residency in dermatology he became an attending physician initiating his own independent research group at the Department of Dermatology in Graz, Austria. The primary goal of his research is to understand drug resistance to targeted therapies. His group recently identified a chronic stress induced drug tolerant phenotype in melanoma cells and developed an in vitro model of adaptive resistance. This model describes a state dependent epigenetically driven transition of parental cells to permanent resistant melanoma cells characterized by epigenetic remodeling.

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