Graeme Walker Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

Graeme Walker

Graeme Walker is a Cancer Council of Queensland Senior Research Fellow and head of the Skin Carcinogenesis Laboratory at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. After spending much of his early career working on melanoma genetics he has recently employed mouse models to answer important questions about melanocyte and melanoma biology. He has played a prominent role in trying to improve their utility by examining how specific gene mutations and experimental designs can be best combined to model various melanoma subtypes. Other projects are directed towards understanding the role of sunlight in melanoma induction. His latest work involves a collaboration with Prof. Grant Morahan (University of Western Australia) to use a powerful new ‘systems genetics’ strategy to discover genes, pathways, and the related biological processes, that protect against melanoma, a promising approach which Dr Walker is also using to study squamous cell carcinoma.

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